Why MÔS-Tek....

About mos tek AR15 Barrels

Aaron (Machinist/Gunsmith)

Aaron our owner/gunsmith/firearms guru attended Gunsmith School  in Grants Pass OR ’94-’95.  For the past 28 years he has been repairing, designing, and manufacturing firearms it is his passion.  He has spent thousands of hours doing what he loves, he knows his business and is determined to use his experience to improve the industry.  Most recently that has been with the 350 Legend.  When the 350 Legend hit the market it was not a well received cartridge as it had many feeding issues.  Aaron has developed himself quite a 350 Legend following by putting in the time and effort to figure out the issues and resolve them.  The result has been a Barrel, Upper Receiver or Complete Firearm that functions like it should right out of the box.

When Aaron isn’t in his shop he’s on the computer learning more about everything.  He has been a reader since the third grade and it continues on.  Luckily the library isn’t the only source of information these days!  When he isn’t reading you can find him spending time with his family, usually teaching them something.  Weekend hunting trips, on the lake driving the pontoon, riding his dirt bike “Hippo” or driving his “oldie but goodie” RV. He’s always doing something.  Born and raised in Northern California he also loves spearfishing and camping on the beach.

Gabe (Machinist)

Gabe is the machinist that profiles your barrels.  He attended his local technical college enrolled in the machining program where he received training he uses everyday.  He continues his education through private training and is at the HAAS showroom anytime they offer  classes.  He has recently been working on speeds and feeds when profiling those really long barrels.  Gabe loves working with customers getting them exactly what they want, lengths to fit handguards, and profiles for optimum performance.  Gabe is all about your firearm performance, he is 100% in.  He recently got to work on some barrels for Rob Latham a World Champion Shooter in the pistol world, that was a cool opportunity.  

When Gabe isn’t working, he is doing all the stuff a typical boy his age does.  Everytime he leaves the house with his backpack full of fireworks, and a tow strap his mother (The Shipping Lady) waits for the dreaded phone call he’s in an ambulance or the back of a police car!  He loves snowboarding, riding his dirt bike, hunting, playing with guns, fly boarding, and last year learned to barefoot ski which he can’t wait to master this summer.  The love of his life is his 1988 Ford Ranger.

Maquel (aka Shipping Lady)

Maquel is the one that keeps the shop guys working…not playing darts.  She is also the voice you hear on the other side of the phone when you call, the one that answers emails, texts and makes comments on social media.   She recently took on the World Wide Web when she designed a new web-site…that’s been a HUGE learning curve.  Aaron can occasionally talk her into going to the range to do the test-firing.  She’ll shoot the 350 Legend barrels anytime…they don’t kick (not like the big bore barrels).  Her personal firearm is an AR15 22lr with a Stainless Steel Parts kit.  She’ll shoot that beauty all day long!  She’s also known for her superb shipping skills…look out UPS she’s a master packer!

When she isn’t working she spends her time with her 6 kids (2 kids in-laws), and Aaron…somehow her husband for 28 years.   Spending time at the lake, riding her quad, going on family RV trips, amusement parks with giant roller coasters, or reading a good book laying on the beach while Aaron is spearfishing are all favorite pastimes.  She recently started hiking and biking again thanks to her 2 new bionic knees.  “Life is Good”.