8.6 Blackout AR10/AR308 Premium Stainless Barrel



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  • If you need a custom length let us know! When ordering choose the barrel that is closest to the size you are looking for. Give us the details and we will be in touch!

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    The infamous 1:3 Twist Rate. If you are concerned about stabilizing a bullet we also offer a 1:6.5

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    The "Official Q" Taper is specifically for the 8.6 Blackout Barrel. The Sig/Q Taper is the standard taper offered on othe "Q" and "Sig" barrels

Barrel Finish

Adding Nitride or Cerakote to your barrel will extend your lead time out 2-4 weeks depending on our vendor lead time.

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Head-spaced Type II Bolt/BCG

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    We require that a bolt be headspaced to each AR10 Barrel we send out. The industry standard for Type II Bolts is too varied, and in order to ensure that you have a fully functional barrel your bolt must be headspaced correctly. You can either send in your bolt or you can purchase a MOS-Tek bolt. If you are sending in your bolt please include a note in your box with your name, phone number and order #. Ship the bolt in a box, not any type of envelope. They can be easily damaged (It's happened on more than one occasion). Send it to MOS-Tek PO Box 50515 Mesa, AZ 85208

Available Services

Some of our most common gunsmithing services. We do others too...just ask!

  • You send us your components and we will send you back a complete upper receiver. Test fired and ready to go! We've got the tools! Put the guys to work!

  • Do you like a "Seamless Transition"? Send us your hand-guard and suppressor so we can make your barrel the exact length to hide the transition from barrel to suppressor. You don't need to use an FFL, we can accept your suppressor as "Gunsmithing". Easy!

  • We dimple our barrels! If you want a second dimple we can do that! Send us your gas block for correct placement, or purchase one from us!

  • We can pin your gas block to your barrel...in fact we will if that helps you out! We will drill it, then you can set the pin, or if you'd rather you can send us your barrel nut and gas block and we will install it.

  • Pin & Weld Muzzle Device * $55.00

    We will install your muzzle device on your barrel then pin and weld it. It’s not going anywhere!


  • If you are shipping something to us using USPS please use the PO Box address on the site. If you are shipping using UPS or FedEx please use the address MOS-Tek 9743 E. Impala Ave. Mesa, AZ 85209. Please call if you have any questions regarding this. Thanks!

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  • We won't over promise and under deliver...We'd rather send your barrel to you early, then have it be past our estimated lead time...so you never know...it might be an early Christmas!


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8.6 Blackout AR10/AR308 Premium Stainless Barrel$405.00
Barrel Length -
Custom Length - $25.00
Barrel Profile -
Twist Rate -
Gas Block Journal
Gas Block Journal -
Add Gas Block -
Gas System Length
Gas System Length -
Add Gas Tube -
Crown/Muzzle -
Sig/Q Taper
Taper -
Barrel Finish
Barrel Finish Options -
Head-spaced Type II Bolt/BCG
AR10 Bolt -
Available Services
Assemble Complete Upper with My Components - $85.00
Perfect Fit - $45.00
Double Dimple - $25.00
Gas Block Pin It! - $45.00
Pin & Weld Muzzle Device - $55.00
Shipping Instructions -
Current Lead Times (Must Check Acknowledgment Box)
Lead Times are Currently 14+ Weeks -
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8.6 Blackout AR10/AR308 Barrel Premium Stainless

MÔS-Tek’s version of the 8.6 Blackout Custom Premium Barrel Stainless

Match Grade
416R Stainless
5 R Rifling
1:3 Twist Rate

8.6 Blackout (8.6 BLK) is a centerfire rifle cartridge that uses a shortened casing from the 6.5 Creedmoor.  It is designed to be used in Bolt Action rifles or as an AR10 or AR308 rifle.  It uses the 1:3 Twist Rate and can be utilized as a supersonic or subsonic cartridge.

What’s the big deal with the 1:3 twist rate? This monumental 1:3 twist greatly enhances the energy of the large 8.6 blackout round.    

If you like .308 then what the 8.6 will give you is more energy.  It’s specifically designed for short barrels.  With an expanding 350 grain bullet, accurate to 300 yards, it hits hard.  If you want a lightweight gun that can be extremely quiet, shoot from long distance and bring down big (we’re talking BIG) animals then the 8.6 Blackout is most likely for you.

Like the 300 Blackout the 8.6 Blackout 1:3 Twist is designed primarily for suppressed shooting.  For the super-sonic shooter however there are loads being developed.

Having been dubbed as the 300 Blackouts “Bigger Brother” primarily due to the 300 Blackout catering to the AR15 market.  The 8.6 Blackout will be available in the AR10/.308 as well as a bolt gun platform.  Larger = Better right?

The skeptics that thought the 8.6 Blackout 1:3 Twist was never going to come to practical fruition are taking a seat and taking notes as it finds it’s place among the up and coming hunting cartridges.   The 8.6 Blackout 1:3 Twist has made it’s presence known and will be around now for the duration!

Welcome to the family 8.6 Blackout 1:3 Twist, pull up a chair!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 2 in


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