Why MÔS-Tek....

About mos tek AR15 Barrels

Aaron (Machinist/Gunsmith)

Aaron our owner/gunsmith/firearms guru attended Gunsmith School  in Grants Pass OR ’94-’95.  For the past 28 years he has been repairing, designing, and manufacturing firearms it is his passion.  He has spent thousands of hours doing what he loves, he knows his business and is determined to use his experience to improve the industry.   

Aaron’s favorite projects in the shop are the “One of a Kind”  that come up more often than you might think.  He is a developer and loves to take on a challenge.  It’s a hard day for him when he has to turn down a customer that has something unique that he doesn’t have time for!

When Aaron isn’t in his shop he’s on the computer learning more about everything.  He has been a reader since the third grade and it continues on.  Luckily the library isn’t the only source of information these days!  When he isn’t reading you can find him spending time with his family, usually teaching them something.  Weekend hunting trips, on the lake driving the pontoon, riding his dirt bike “Hippo” or driving the family RV.   He’s always doing something.

Gabe (Machinist)

Gabe is the machinist that profiles your barrels.  He attended his local technical college enrolled in the machining program where he received training he uses everyday.  He continues his education through private training with a master machinist, reading, and hands on machining.  He recently took on a new CNC lathe and although there has been a big learning curve he’s got it turning and burning.  Gabe often stays late at work to improve processes or practice  a new skill.

Gabe loves snowboarding, riding his dirt bike, hunting, playing with guns, fly boarding, camping, and working on the CNC machines.  

Hunter (Chamber Master)


Hunter is a “Chamber Master”.  He spends his time behind the manual and CNC lathes making perfect chambers.  If he has his music playing and is concentrating on a barrel you could set the building on fire and he’d just keep chambering.  Hunter has worked for MÔS-Tek for 18 months, part-time for a year then full-time in May when we moved into our new shop.  He loves learning new processes on the CNC lathes…but he hates the blasting cabinet.  Rock Paper Scissors is not an option when it comes to deciding who has to blast barrels…Hunter will just leave.

When Hunter isn’t at work he is working on his diesel truck, hanging out with friends, helping his grandparents, or sleeping.  He can also make a mean batch of fudge which he might not admit…but it’s true.  He’s in the process of building his first AR15.  Carefully choosing components and deciding on his barrel length he might take FOREVER because he is so particular!

Carl (Mill Work, Barrel Completion)


Carl started with MÔS-Tek in April 2022.  He is the guy that takes your barrel from the chambering shelf and finishes the job.  He installs extensions, mills port holes, test-fires, cleans, blasts, engraves and prepares barrels for outside processes.  He is the reason your barrel gets to the “Shipping Lady”. 

He has his welding certifications, which makes him a handy guy to have around.  He loves guns…which also makes him a handy guy to have around.   He has been learning to profile (contour) barrels on the Haas under Gabe’s watchful eye and has a natural talent in machining.  He enjoys going to the range to test-fire barrels and although he may seem annoyed he enjoys talking to shooters curious about all the barrels he has in his gun bags and what he is doing. 

Carl is married to his high school sweetheart Aimee.  Lola his dog is his favorite toy, he loves to play and wrestle with her.  She quite often gets the better of him which is obvious when he comes to work all scratched up.  He recently started gardening and brings all sorts of yummy vegetables to the shop to share.  He loves to go out 4 wheeling in his Toyota pick-up truck, hunt, fish, and work on cars.  He’s been calling in coyotes that meet an untimely ending when they are fooled.   He recently started an obsession with 6mm ARC competition shooting.  An extremely good marksman and friend has taken him under his wing, we will see where he goes with this latest adventure!

Maquel (aka Shipping Lady)

Maquel is the one that keeps the shop guys working…not playing darts.  She is also the voice you hear on the other side of the phone when you call, the one that answers emails, texts and makes comments on social media.   She recently took on the World Wide Web when she designed a new web-site…that’s been a HUGE learning curve.  Aaron can occasionally talk her into going to the range to do the test-firing.  She’ll shoot the 350 Legend barrels anytime…they don’t kick (not like the big bore barrels).  Her personal firearm is an AR15 22lr with a Stainless Steel Parts kit.  She’ll shoot that beauty all day long!  She’s also known for her superb shipping skills…look out UPS she’s a master packer!

When she isn’t working she spends her time with her 6 kids (2 kids in-laws), and Aaron…somehow her husband for 29 years.   Spending time at the lake, riding her quad, going on family RV trips, and visiting amusement parks with giant roller coasters are all favorite pastimes.  She recently became a “Pip” (aka grandma) and nothing makes her more happy than spending time with that little one!