Precision Barrels

MÔS-Tek is the Place You’ve Been Looking For!

What are we looking at when we start talking about a firearm…trigger, bolt, hand-guard?  What about a stock or the ever controverial BRACE (oops did we say a naughty word)?!?  The sights, or optics, the receiver set? 

The heart of the firearm though is the barrel.  A Precision Barrel no less.  Providing the ever increasing need for sub MOA.  The material, weight, length, profile, chamber, gas system or action, all come together to create the ultimate metal spewing fire breathing weapon we sophistically label “GUN”.  –Shipping Lady–

What materials, workmanship, processes, finish options are there and what are the pros and cons as seen through the eyes of an actual Precision Barrel Manufacturer.

Barrel Material

The material of the barrel is going to determine a couple of things.  The life of the barrel, optimal use, the accuracy, and the exterior look of the barrel. For our precision barrels we offer 416R Stainless Steel as the primary option.  It can be nitride, melonite or coated with Cerakote.  Nitride is great for a Stainless Barrel and like a Steel Barrel if done correctly will add strength to your barrel, it’s good for the bore, as well as the exterior.    Stainless Steel is a great option for people that like the stainless look. however it can still be coated for the hunter that wants black or color.  CMV 4150 (Steel Material) will “require” a protective process (Cerakote, Nitride, Melonite) in order to protect the steel from rusting, pitting, and eventually compromising the barrel (although this is several years down the road), meaning that you could have the barrel treated black or clear nitride, melonite, or Cerakote, but it will have to be treated with something.  We prefer Stainless if for no other reason than it gives our customers options. 

 Longevity of Stainless Steel over Steel?  The data indicates…..nothing.  Dependant upon the use of the barrel and the rounds of ammunition run through the barrel the most anyone can tell you is it’s similar to the life of a car.  If you are an off-road kind of guy your car will not last as long than if you are a grandma kind of driver.  Regular maintenance makes a big difference.  The type of ammunition makes a difference so does the conditions you use the firearm in.  So really anyone that is adamant that one is better than other can politely be asked for data to back up their claim.  Oh…one more thing…the machinability of Stainless Steel is much greater than that of CMV (Steel).  Due to this fact the surface finishes will be much smoother.  This is the exterior of the barrel as well as the inside of the barrel…this reduces fouling and the necessity to clean after every trip to the range, (maybe a little dramatic).  So why does MÔS-Tek use Stainless Steel as it’s primary material?  It gives you more options for the exterior, doesn’t limit the performance or options for the inside of the barrel, gives you a cleaner finish, plus less fouling.   All things considered it’s a natural choice to go with Stainless.

Why do MÔS-Tek barrels cost more than others?  In short this is in part due to the cost of making a Stainless Barrel.  Stainless is more expensive across the board than Steel.  The precision blanks that we use to make your barrel are hand lapped, button rifled, and cost at least twice what you pay for a  standard “on the shelf” barrel.  This is before we do any machining to the barrel.  You are paying for a premium precision barrel and that is what you get.  The highest quality blank, turned into the highest quality barrel.  This requires our barrels to start at a higher price, but as explained there are options for Stainless we think are worth the extra cost, and quality we aren’t willing to compromise. We want our customers to have the best barrel that will last a lifetime.

All this being said…we will gladly make you the same high quality 4150 CMV barrel if that is your preference.  We make them all the time, with the same precision barrels blanks.  You will need to call and talk to the Shipping Lady or send us a contact request to place your CMV barrel order…she won’t try to talk you out of it!  We promise!

The New "SL" Series Upper and Lower Receivers

Our new “SL” Series of Upper and Lower Receiver sets have arrived.  We have been waiting for this tight new set to add to our line-up.   This amazing quality Bar Stock Receiver Set are 7075-T6 Aluminum, Precision Machined for high tolerances, and Type III Hard Coat Anodized.   There’s no guarantee how long they will last on the shelf.  Don’t miss out!

Ready...Set...Go! 1:5 Twist are here ready to Custom Order!

We have what you’ve been looking for the .308 1:5 Twist is on the site and ready to be customized to your specs.  Order before the back-log hits!

The 9mm Barrel "Weight" has been lifted...

The M-lite 9mm AR15 350 Legend Barrels is the newest innovation from MÔS-Tek. The new design reduces weight but maintains the larger diameter that so many equate with AR15 firearms. In addition to the weight reduction the aluminum sleeve also dissipates heat which extends barrel life.
The M-lite is a premium precision match grade Lightweight Barrel, the highest quality on the market. The barrel is 416-R with 5R rifling. The feed cone is a new MÔS-Tek design the results of testing over 30 different styles. We’ve tested all styles of 9mm bullets to produce a very reliable feeding system. The sleeve is 6061-t6 and comes anodized or cerakoted in multiple colors and designs. The total weight of the barrel is 6.4 oz. Total barrel length is 5″. Threads are 1/2″-28 x .400. 

The 350 Legend has been well tested, tweaked, and modified at MÔS-Tek.  When we send your AR15 350 Legend barrel to you it will work!  We test fired it before it shipped…so we know it will!

Testing Squelch Muzzle Brake

Out testing the Squelch muzzle brake today. It’s taking a beating but holding up perfectly. Making freedom, it’s what we do.



MÔS-Tek is proud to offer products that are 100% made in the USA. Take these Dust-Covers for instance. Made in the USA and custom engraved.  Order on the web-site $30.00 shipped.

Muzzle Up!

MÔS-Tek is proud to add Muzzlebrakes to our line-up of top quality products. Developed and Machined on-site the precision of the threads and cuts are spot on. We have them on an introductory price point, so grab one before the price goes up!

New PCC Buffer Design

Working over the old design of a Buffer, Gabe designed this new MÔS-Tek version Always looking for new and innovative designs. Nice job Gabe!

At Work in the Summer

Summer in AZ are HOT HOT HOT!  Not in the shop though!  Gabe is nice and cool kicking out precision barrels on the Mori CNC Lathe.  Doing what he loves…in the “Great Indoors”.