Shipping your Barrel/Components to MOS-Tek

Thanks for your purchase!

Please follow the instructions below for anything you are shipping to us.

If you are using USPS to ship/send it to:


PO Box 50515

Mesa, AZ  85208

If you are sending in a bolt the least expensive way to do that is in a small flat rate box from USPS ($9).  DO NOT USE A PADDED ENVELOPE TO SHIP A BOLT we have had too many get lost or ruined. 

If you are sending something using UPS or FedEx send it to:


755 N. Country Club Dr. Ste 11

Mesa, AZ  85201

Please make sure to include your name, phone number, e-mail address, shipping address, order number and any information you want us to know inside your box.

Make sure you package everything appropriately.  Keep in mind that if parts are not correctly packaged, they can be damaged during shipping.  We will not be responsible for damage that occurs during shipping.

Once your package has arrived it will be checked in, and an inventory of parts received is recorded.  Everything is stored until we are ready to work on your barrel.  We will e-mail you that we’ve received your box.  Feel free to check in if you haven’t received an e-mail within a few days.

If you are sending in anything that is serialized, you can do that without using an FFL as long as you already own it.  It is gunsmithing and can be ed from you as well as returned accept directly to you.

The best time to ship items to us is when it is fresh in your mind.  We can store your items here.  We don’t want to hold up your barrel production, because we don’t have what we need to measure for correct fit, head-space, or assembly.

Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions.  We are always glad to get back with you!

Call us – (480) 440-1878

Email –