AR15 Gunsmithing Service

AR15 Gunsmithing Service Offered

AR15 Gunsmithing Service: This is basic list of services offered. We do not have a service form to fill out.  We want to make sure you get exactly what you need.  So we need to talk to you.  Please call Aaron (480) 440-1878.

We will give you a clear price after talking to you. We will also contact you upon receiving your firearm to discuss any concerns, or possible price changes prior to working on your project.

If you don’t see your gunsmithing project listed please contact Aaron with questions.
Prices will be adjusted for multiple services.  
Please do not send your firearm in a gun case. 

All pricing is labor only.  Parts will be charged separately.

AR 15 Upper Assemble 

  • $85

AR 15 Lower Assemble

  • $65

AR 15 Complete Assemble

  • $125

Trouble Shooting Non-functioning AR 15

  • $145

Feed Service with Complete Diagnostic and Repair (parts not included) .  Having feeding and cycling issues, we can make your AR run


Disassemble and Reassemble Upper to Service Barrel  (depending on how muzzle device and gas block are attached) $50 and up.

Polish Feed Ramp $45

Polish Chamber $25

Profile and Polish Breech Feed Cone $35

Check Head Space $25

Cast Chamber and measure dimensions $45

Replace Barrel Extension $125

Replace Locating Pin $50

Crown and Thread Barrel Muzzle $85

Crown, Shorten and Thread Barrel $125

Crown Barrel  $45

Dimple Barrel at Gas block Journal $15 

Add a 2nd Dimple $15

Repair Misaligned Dimple $55

Install FSB $95

Remove FSB  $30

Cut Down FSB to Fit Free-Float Handguard  $45

Remove Swing Swivel Tabs on FSB  $15

Remove Bayonet Lug on FSB $25

Replace Gas Tube $25

Align Gas Tube with Carrier Key $35-$65

Replace Gas Block  $25

Pin Gas Block to Barrel  $55

Pin and Weld Muzzle Device  $75

Remove Weld and Pin  from Muzzle Device (save Muzzle Device)  $85

Remove Weld and Pin  from Muzzle Device (Muzzle Device wont be saved) $45

Replace Handguard  $55-$125.00

Install BUIS Sight $10 per

Service bolt for enhanced feeding, extraction, and ejection work  $35

Stone/Polish Carrier Feed Rails for Smooth Function  $35

Complete Service of BCG for Smooth Cycling and Function $150

Replace Gas Key $35

Replace Charging Handle Latch $15


Replace Receiver Extension (Buffer Tube), End Plate and Castle Nut May Need to be Replaced $40

Replace Receiver, Buffer Action Spring $15

Replace Mil-Spec Trigger $25.00

Lighten Trigger Pull $25

Modify Mil-Spec Trigger for Lightend Trigger Pull $85

Install After Market Trigger and Adjust $45-$150

Replace Grip $15

Repair Grip Screw Hole $45

Gunsmith Services $100.00 per hour

Man and Machine Services $125.00 per hour