Custom 450 Bushmaster Premium Barrel Stainless



  • If you need a custom length let us know! When ordering choose the barrel that is closest to the size you are looking for. Give us the details and we will be in touch!

  • Check Barrel Profiles This link will take you to the profile page.

Gas Block Journal

  • Steel Low Profile Gas Block

Gas System Length

  • Stainless Steel Gas Tubes


Gas Port Sizing

  • We will set the gas port size based on the ammunition you plan to shoot.

Barrel Finish

Adding Nitride/Cerakote to your barrel will extend your lead time out 2-4 weeks depending on our vendor lead time.

  • Stainless Matte Finish

  • Cryogenics adds 2 weeks to barrel production time.

Sig/Q TaperS

  • Add a Sig/Q Taper this is a 25° taper on the end of your barrel right before the threads begin. You will know if you need this.

Current Lead Time


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Custom 450 Bushmaster Premium Barrel Stainless$310.00
Barrel Length -
Custom Length -
Barrel Profile -
Twist Rate -
Gas Block Journal
Gas Block Journal -
Add Gas Block -
Gas System Length
Gas System Length -
Add Gas Tube -
Crown/Muzzle -
Gas Port Sizing
I plan to shoot... -
Barrel Finish
Barrel Finish Options -
Cryogenics - $100.00
Sig/Q TaperS
Sig/Q Taper - $25.00
Current Lead Time
Current Lead Times are 16+ Weeks -

Product total

Options total

Flat rate total

Grand total


450 Bushmaster Barrel Stainless Match Grade 416 R Stainless 5R Rifling

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions20 × 2 × 2 in


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